Welcome to our club

As in common with most sailing clubs FSMBC has at its premises a thriving
bar which is open to its members, their guests and visiting yacht persons
as follows :-

Thursdays: 20:30 — 23:00
Fridays: 20:30 — 23:00
Saturdays: 12:30 — 15:00 20:30 — 23:30
Sundays: 12:30 — 15:00 20:30 — 22:30

In addition the Galley serves a selection of hot or cold food on
Saturday and Sunday lunchtimes.

There is a workshop facility available for the benefit of members with its
own pontoon and mast hoist in addition there are a limited number of lockers
available within the workshop where members can store items of a
non-flammable nature.